Photo album extreme

2021-08-11Yvette Costeau43 imagesBlow Job, Fetish, Peeing
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Some pictures from my shootings with "PHOTOART54" from Switzerland!

Really brilliant works of art! You have to see!

Deepthroating Extreme!

2021-02-19Yvette Costeau4:15 minutesBlow Job, Erotic Nude, Gonzo
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Who knows me already knows: I like it when I can really do the blowjob DEEPTHROAT.

With this video I let you take part in it .... Really deep! Really long! Really tough!

That's how I want it - with the associated consequences  ;o)

fucked really hard

2021-02-08Yvette Costeau16:44 minutesBlow Job, Erotic Nude, Fucking
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Many have asked me to show a fuck video again, because I have specialized completely in BDSM .... Of course, I still get fucked often and preferably hard! So here too! Forever long, non-stop and in all variations. If you look carefully you can also discover that we were not alone.