Frivolous on the way

2020-12-31Yvette Costeau7:59 minutesAmateur, Outdoors, Public sex
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Frivolous on the way 3
Frivolous on the way 4
Frivolous on the way 5
Frivolous on the way 6

Frivolous on the way ...
Well, it's no secret that I don't wear underwear ...

And so I like to be looked under my short skirt and like to show what is hidden underneath!

Fucked in 4K

2020-12-26Yvette Costeau11:25 minutesFucking, Handjob, Orgasms
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Fucked in 4K 6

A friend wanted to try out his new 4K video camera. He wanted to film the cars in the city ...

Fortunately, I was able to persuade him to just film me and my boyfriend while fucking and make the video available to me!

That's a better idea, isn't it ?!

The ultimate Champagne Compilation 0
The ultimate Champagne Compilation 1
The ultimate Champagne Compilation 2
The ultimate Champagne Compilation 3
The ultimate Champagne Compilation 4
The ultimate Champagne Compilation 5
The ultimate Champagne Compilation 6

What a cut! I discovered dozens of pee videos in my archive! I have put the best together here so as not to withhold them from you. Sparkling piss action indoors, outdoors and even in public!

Dive in - enjoy the fetish!

Porn 2000

2020-12-16Yvette Costeau40:30 minutesAmateur, Fucking, Lesbian
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Oh yes, in fact, I made one of my few porn films in 2000. Together with two guys and a sexy girl we had a lot of fun together!

The quality from back then is not the best - but I thought that I shouldn't withhold this action from you. After all, this is where my dirty secrets come to light; o)

My very first Fetish-Movie

2020-12-11Yvette Costeau19:50 minutesBDSM, Costume, Slave
My very first Fetish-Movie 0
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My very first Fetish-Movie 6

Today there is again something special to see from me!

As is well known, the motto of this site is: The intimate secrets of Yvette Costeau ....

About 20 years ago I made my first real fetish film. The film was produced in Augsburg and unfortunately has never been released to this day. Now I've got the material and can finally show it on my website!

Have fun!

Whipped Cream Phantasy

2020-12-06Yvette Costeau6:58 minutesErotic Nude, Food Sex, Orgasms
Whipped Cream Phantasy 0
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Whipped Cream Phantasy 6

And another wish fulfilled!
I was asked for a video in which I really fuck my completely naked body with whipped cream! Whipped cream everywhere! What a mess! And then the guy who sprays the stuff right into my open pussy!
That’s crazy! Or cool?
Write to me what you think!

Anal and Creampie

2020-12-01Yvette Costeau9:13 minutesAmateur, Anal Sex, Fucking
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Anal and Creampie 6

Should I reveal a secret?

Well - anal sex is actually something I don't find fun in every day. But this time it was awesome! I couldn't have enough of it. And only after a juicy blowjob. After that it was really really great! The horny riding even ended with a creampie straight from my rosette .....


sex in the sauna

2020-11-26Yvette Costeau3:13 minutesAmateur, Fucking, Public sex
sex in the sauna 0
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sex in the sauna 2
sex in the sauna 3
sex in the sauna 4
sex in the sauna 5
sex in the sauna 6

Sometimes you just can't help it .... Sex wherever you want it! Regardless.

So here is a public sauna.

It's really a kick if you could get caught at any time ;o)

just real sex

2020-11-21Yvette Costeau7:48 minutesBlow Job, Orgasms, Orgy
just real sex 0
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just real sex 3
just real sex 4
just real sex 5
just real sex 6

The title says it all! There is real sex here! No starred porn!

A recording of a really hot orgy!

That's how it is done! ;o)

girls among themselves

2020-11-16Yvette Costeau14:09 minutesLesbian, Nudist, Sensual
girls among themselves 0
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girls among themselves 2
girls among themselves 3
girls among themselves 4
girls among themselves 5
girls among themselves 6

Two naked girls in a theme hotel! Here in a room called "Thailand".

Be our secret witness to games that only women practice with each other ;o)